“Opera” at Cardiff’s Festival of Voice

Wales Millennium Centre’s Festival of Voice has been created to celebrate Wales’ timeless connection with song and the positive effects singing together can have on peoples’ wellbeing, whether participating or listening and observing.  Rooted in the unique locations and community of our capital, it is the city’s first international festival, a landmark moment in the cultural life of Wales since devolution fifteen years ago.

Until now, there hasn’t been a festival in the UK that focuses purely on ‘the voice’ as something that transcends culture and language. It’s primal; it brings us together whether we’re happy or melancholy, and WMC have created the festival as a way of bottling that pure emotion. When you hear a great voice you project emotion onto what can be a deeply personal and intimate experience – this is somehow different from an instrumental performance, as we assume that what we hear is part of the performer, coming deep from within.

Festival of Voice is an opportunity for Wales to celebrate the thing it’s best known for: singing, but in a format that’s outward looking and that celebrates the future as well as the past.

“Opera for the Unknown Woman” fits snugly into this celebration of the best of what it means to be human and too exist alongside one another in the world, united through the purest form of expression.

Find out more about Festival of Voice, and the other amazing performances happening June 2016 in Cardiff here.


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