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We have finished the first phase of public performances of Opera for the Unknown Woman. We toured the show to four different UK locations and presented 13 performances. We hope to bring you news of it happening again in the future. For now here are some reactions to it:


I have to say I thought the show was brilliant! The women performing were so diverse and I was blown away by their voices and musical talent. It was such a strong and powerful piece and I loved how you used the multimedia projections as well.

I liked the show – it’s a rare treat and great to see some science/speculative fiction on stage, and something treating the environmental crisis with real dramatic ambition as well as serious

The more they sang, the more their voices drifted me away into a land of the unknown. The lady in the ball told a story.  She told everyone in the audience that women have more rights than people think they do, she told everyone that women could be more than who they are. It was a really moving message. Louise aged 10

The creator of this fantastic piece is Melanie Wilson and hopefully she will make more pieces as awesome as this. I recommend every adult and teenager should see this breath-taking performance as it was very cool and the graphics on the curtains were incredible. Abigail aged 10

It was inspiring that the piece dares to dream so big – we so rarely see stories of this epic scale and it feels timely.

I really, really enjoyed seeing the opera last week. In fact, it felt like a real privilege to be there for its first performance in London. I’m trying to keep the feeling of inspiration, political energy and hope going – especially on the eve of the referendum. 

I really did admire the challenge you all undertook with the work and the ambition of the thematics you explored  – and of course it is so pleasing to see a large female ensemble on stage, as sadly that is all too rare.


Demanding work is seen as anathema to the accessibility, entertainment and instant gratification deemed necessary to attract and placate audiences. But I resist that, and so does Melanie, committing herself instead to sculpting new forms for performance, and creating space for different stories about women. It’s certainly a song for action, though, for global feminism to unify against the patriarchal structures that are relentlessly destroying life on earth. Maddy Costa, journalist, blogger and Theatre Club host in Cardiff.

Innovative feminist sci-fi opera with sound and video design to match. The Stage ****

Visually, it’s marvellous…The piece’s ambitious attempt, it seems to me, is to enable a different mode of conversation, to harness a different form of attention to what it goes without saying are vastly important ideas. And it seems to be trying to perform the alternative way of being that it proposes – to inhabit a space that’s simultaneously powerful and gentle, clear and complex. Total Theatre

The creative team:

The performance itself was very moving to be in, especially the final performance on ‘Brexit’ day for which the words felt very important. The time we spent building up a really strong ensemble was excellent and really mirrored the sentiment of the piece. I have always felt strongly about what it means to be a woman but being involved in the piece and working with Melanie’s wonderful words has been very inspiring and has made me think even more about how women are viewed and what women’s contribution to society is/should be/perceived to be…It’s been very though provoking stuff.

I was very inspired by the integrity of this project. The ideas were sophisticated, complex and the desire to undertake an in depth investigation of the material dealt with was unusual and clearly relevant in the world in the world we live in. The platform and the space that this project offered people to collaborate, reflect express and provoke seemed to me as important, if not more, than the final product itself.

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